Test your chronotype

You can test your chronotype at  https://chronotype-self-test.info/

The latest method for mapping your chronotype can be found at the company BodyClock. BodyClock has developed a method that can reportedly map both your chronotype and your optimal sleeping time and working time. Specifically, it involves sending you a test kit by mail, pulling some hair, including roots, out of your head and then sending the hair sample back to BodyClock. All the while analyzing your hair roots in the lab, answer some questions about your work, your sleep, and your lifestyle on an online platform. BodyClock is based on cutting-edge RNA technology (which is also used in the production of BioNTech and Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccines). RNA is an abbreviation for ribonucleic acid, which chemically is structured in much the same way as DNA. Using an RNA-analysis of your hair roots, BodyClock can map the genes that determine your chronotype. When BodyClock arrives at a result, you will receive a personal report of 25 pages about your unique chronotype, as well as their recommendations for working hours, sleeping time, eating time and more. Please visit Bodyclock for more information: www.bodyclock.health