Since 2005 Camilla Kring has given more than 800 speeches in Europe, China, Latin America and the Middle East. Below you can see my TEDx talk and other videos with my speeches. You are welcome to contact me at kring@appliedchronobiology.com or by phone +45 28938973 for a non-binding offer.

Biology and Time

How to become a successful late riser | Camilla Kring | TEDxAarhus

A-people have dominated the layout of society since ancient times. They have created A-schools and A-workplaces. They have instilled in us an attitude that the good person gets up early. They have created workplaces where managers reward early risers. We have long since moved from a cow to an office, and therefore we must create a flexible society that supports different circadian rhythms. Join us on a journey through time and rhythms.

How to succeed in business if you’re not a morning person | Happiness at Work Conference

You were born with a circadian rhythm. It’s not something you choose. Research into chronobiology shows that there are more B-people than A-people in Denmark. How do we create flexible work cultures that support different circadian rhythms? And how do we give humans some tools to deal with flexibility?

Bæredygtig ledelse af Camilla Kring | Ledertid i Ørsted

80 percent of us are woken by an alarm clock, but the study of human circadian rhythms shows that we are effective at different times of the day. Civil engineer and Ph.D. from DTU, Camilla Kring, gives you input on how to lead both teams and individual employees with an eye for their circadian rhythms. Camilla is co-founder of the Think Tank Sustainable Working Life.

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